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Bacon and Potassium

by Those Acoustic Kats

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Breakfast 00:27
All I know is where to find what’s good for he, And I know where to find what’s bad for she, Can they be happily intertwined, Or do they call this one of those times, Bacon and Potassium, one is good for he, Bacon and Potassium, the other, bad for she, Go on, and figure out which is you, And once you do, I hope it holds true, Go out, and do what you think is right, Somehow, her smile seems to channel the sunlight, Let her know imperfections do arise, You seem so bad for her, but you’ll never make her cry, Your heart is strong, but she makes it so, so, weak, You love her song when she opens her mouth to speak, And when she smiles, her eyes seem to do so too, You’re so bad for her, but she’s so good for you, Bacon, oh bacon, And potassium, and potassium, Can we just go on with what we already have, You energize my life so, I don’t want you to go, I take away all your joy, play with your heart like it’s my toy, And I’m sorry, so sorry, Don’t go now, please stay somehow, I’m bacon, your potassium, I’m bad for you, I’m bacon, your potassium, You’re so good, so good for me.
History 05:59
I could read novels cause I’d follow the mystery, When it came to the calculus, the problems were this to me, Then when you said goodbye, not followed by a kiss to me,
I just knew I would flunk, or drop out of this history, I must’ve been confused, looking for love inside of you, Searched for freedom from my despair, running my fingers through your hair, Walked down the street holding your hands, I thought that I would be your man, Little did I know you would leave, quickly became your history, My favorite subject was always Math, You and I equaled one, each of us a half, Science and English, I would get by, Anatomy captured me, you were so damn fine, Then I took a class in Social Studies, It was hard to pass, so boring to study, Now, I’m in your past, can’t you see, That’s why I never, never liked history, Is there a treaty I can sign, because you treat me so unkind, In economics, I was smart, but I couldn’t find how to buy your heart, I was yours, but you weren’t mine, should’ve put in more study time, Then I wouldn’t have got a D, in my class of history, Should’ve enrolled in Politics, then I’d been ready for all of your tricks, I didn’t care about the wars, look, all I wanted was to be yours, Those peace talks, they were a waste, cause you walked the other day, Now this class, I must repeat, I gotta pass this history, Why can’t I be your present, instead of your past, Now all I have are memories, why didn’t it last, What happened to our Chemistry, did we run out of gas, Should’ve taken Psychology, maybe I’d understand,, Why can’t we just say hi, and forget the story, We can’t go back in time, but will you listen for me?
I met a girl the other day, felt like my missin rib, I should’ve known what to say, seemed like she was from the crib, I thought, if she is, then, Miss Missouri is what she wins, She showed me her eyes, and I’m not surprised that I can’t forget, Cause her beauty is flawless, her booty is all I’ve ever dreamed, Is it to me she’s callin, yeah, I might be fallin for a river queen, Brown Sugar Sweet, light on her feet, Waiting for her King to see her as a Queen, Different walk, different talk, pretty eyes, shapely thighs, My midwest girl, Jumped off the subway, she shot a smile down the line, Ride or die no matter what, ooh those east coast dimes, Beauty unspeakable, I want to make her mine, Must be from the west coast, be my funny valentine, Will you be mine, Wanna go to the south, and get some good, good food, You southern girls, you know I’m feelin you, My international girls, you’re always on my mind, I don’t know where you’re from, but you’re so fine, My midwest girl, my east coast girls, my west coast girls, My southern girls, now, don’t forget those international, We love them girls, girls, girls, girls, Girls we do adore.
You ever met your perfect match, make you wanna turn your life around, Think about how things would be if they were always around, Something so good should be so easy, but complications, all throughout, Wanna see about the situation, I gotta know what she’s all about, Met her on a Wednesday night, ooh, things were feeling so right, Now my favorite curve on her is her smile, Found myself really diggin her style, Favorite sound is now her laugh, I’m not afraid, willing to move fast, I know there is reciprocation, but then she said there was a complication, I thought he was so sexy, he made me smile and he’s so funny, Comfort level a ten, so cray, he made my pain just slip away, Now I’m here feelin all mixed up, was half empty, now full is my cup, Do I tell you like Marvin Gaye, how do I say what I wanna say, I really like him, he’s a sweet guy, got me mad at the concept of time, Boy, you’re such a complicated melody, can I be his high note, Somebody else I’m already with, but he’s not the captain of my ship, John 8, verse 32 says, the truth will set you free, G, I don’t know what to say, but, I think you’re single til your wedding day, Now tell her how you feel, I got yo back, All you can do is see how she reacts, Now, get ready for a little heartbreak, the gods, not you, control your fate, Better hope love overpowers hate, or a world of hate, you might create, But fear ain’t never got man nowhere, You won’t know if your don’t try, Cause this life, will go by, too fast, Man, it ain’t a crime, there’s reason and rhyme, She gave you a sign, You won’t know if your don’t try, Cause this life, will go by, too fast, Girl, you know that guy, is not right, change your mind, What do I do, do I pursue? What do I do, I’m so confused, What would you do if you were in their shoes?
Desireé 03:57
Desireé, they say I shouldn’t have a relationship with you, But I say, it’s cause they couldn’t trade places and be in my shoes, Everytime you come around me, I realize just what you do, But I’m enticed by all of your beauty despite knowing the truth, Desireé, you have my heart, and it’s a shame, But I’m gonna change, and I’m gonna start, one day, Desireé, why are you hurtful, you got me breaking all of the rules, It’s like a race, I go in a circle, I run away, then come back to you, Cause I need someone to hold me, when I’m weak and feeling blue, Now I see, there’s someone so holy, I gotta follow him, so we’re through, Desireé, you had my heart, and it was a shame, But I’m gonna change, and I’m gonna start, today, I’m tired of playing games, so I gotta say bye to, Desireé, look, I once was innocent, til you came and made your move, Now you say that I can’t be innocent, so I should stay within your groove, I saw your face upon many distractions, in a way, I was consumed, But in a way, you forced this action, and now I’m saved, I thank you for gloom, Desireé, nobody thought that I would change, but Jesus saves, My momma taught me that when I was eight, Watch out for Desireé, she said, boy don’t be playing games.
If that’s it, I’ll take what I came with and leave, Cause the fame ain’t worth all the pain that’s in me, California don’t mean a thing, if she’s always chasing the ring, and not my heart, California don’t mean a thing, if I audition everyday, but don’t get the part, They told you come to the city of dreams, If you wanna be a star, that’s probably where you should be, So, you work on your voice and you tune up your strings, And you get up in the gym, so they like what they see, LAX on the ticket, hundred people on the plane, And everybody think they gonna come and make a name, Maybe you were just aiming too high, maybe they were just telling you lies, Cause when you got there, you did some shows baby, They didn’t pay you, but you’ll get known maybe, And going out there, you met a new lady, But now that girl is really driving you crazy, Cause making no money’s making no sense, And making no money, how you gonna pay rent, She says you’re too old to try, she wanna get married, And possibly to another guy, I see you praying everyday for a callback, texting God, saying why he didn’t get that, Everybody got their time, just prepare for it, Cause when you on for real, then they can’t ignore it, Came to Cali with 800 dollars, so you know I gotta make it before them 800 flowers, At the funeral, left your small time cause you were tired of the usual, Mommy said you shouldn’t go, Feeling like every C.D. hate you, when you look at the role and it says biracial, Don’t get it, well, it’s on to the next one, Work as a waitress on the side til the checks come, You wanna leave, I suggest you don’t, say you coming back in a year, I know you won’t, So stick it out girl, you’re my favorite, 3 weeks later, got a call from an agent, I’m just sayin, Expectations are so great, just be the master of your fate, I know you’re close to being on, not looking back from where you’re from, Doing what you can to not fail, still pushin, not ready to bail, This is just a temporary hell, wind at your back and you’re ready to sail, Keep climbing, almost to the top now, know you gotta make it, somehow, 4th quarter and you’re going for the win, take it on, be a champion, From NC to the Show Me State, you were California dreamin, now you’re wide awake, Carpe diem and seize the day, head and chin up, and you’re on your way.
Hey love, when will I see you again, cause I need you right now, come back to me, And I know, you said you just wanna be friends, But I don’t want the same, wanna give you my last name, I don’t understand, what you did to me, But you’re so wonderful, your imprint’s on my soul, What can I do just to win you, there hasn’t been a girl with whom to share my world, This heart of mine is missin love, I know I can find you under the sky above, This heart of mine is tired of the pain, Love, won’t you find your way back to my heart again, I’m starting to see something different in you, Now I’m feelin you the way you’re feeling me, And honestly, I knew you were the one from the start, I never met a guy like you who thought I was so special, And I admit that I may have made a mistake, Now you’re far away, won’t you come and save the day, What can I do to get you back to me, I never met a boy who brings me so much joy, I’ll see what I can do to find my way back to you, If you wait for me, then I’ll wait for you, Please hurry up, my heart’s had enough, Yes, I’ll wait for you, I’ll travel half the way for you, For you, I can’t wait to get back to you, see your smile again, I’m feenin for you, And I want to make sure you stay this time, Won’t you love me, have me, take me in your life.
Just another year, love was off the charts, Just another year, that my eyes started wonderin, Just another year, new girl stole my heart, January day, you made it a Happy New Year, February came, you claim, you can’t remember, Marchin down the lane, in green, you stole the scene, And fooled me on that day, I stayed out in the rain, May I see you again, my friend, Like my mother used to tell me in May, thank you, On the first of June, I soon saw new t-shirts on you, So fitting for July, you said that you don’t need no guy, With all the games you played, you baked me up a chocolate cake, And fed it to my face, so tasty, the best birthday I’ve had, Now we’re in September love, Like my grandma used to say, ooh baby, I love you, For you I was the season, I’d fallen like the leaves, So confused on Halloween, it seemed you were my queen, Now, I’m remembering the days, in November, gave him thanks, In December, I was raised, to give before you take, Now we’re all snowed in, Just sitting on the couch thinking about you, wondering if I’ll ever see you again, Well, I guess it’s just another year, you know, Where you find someone in the summer, act like lovers, then it gets cold, So you turn her to more than a friend, Put no one above her, til it gets warm, Then you think you need more than a friend, Til you miss that lover, now you’re going through it again, cause you blew it again, See, your wristwatch, and your flip-flops, and your toothbrush is still here.
Empty picture frames, walking on broken glass, You need to stop and think, if you’re living life too fast, Just cause the light is green, don’t mean you have to go, Sometimes it’s cool to just stop and then take it slow, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I check my watch, it’s still ticking, so I’m still on time, Reach for my heart, I feel it bumping, so it’s beating fine, I blink and look up at the sky, and I can see it clear, Guess it’s a reason for me being here, Yeah, I say I don’t know what I’m doing, but for real, I kinda do, Cause tryna please God and other people is impossible, I try to live good, and wait on my instruction, But these people put the pressure on, that’s when I get to rushin, It’s hard enough to live inside your own body, when you’re feeling like a nobody, So take it back a couple steps and see what you need to hold, Before you crash after swerving and driving out of control, And I know it, there’s a light at the end of my tunnel, But it’s hard to see the light when surrounded by struggle, Is it hustle cause you tryna sing a different song, Or get the money cause you tryna put your people on, Look in the mirror and I don’t see myself looking back, In fact, I’m staring through future tent, not looking back, Looking forward to where I wanna be, not where I’m at, Time elapses slow, feelin trapped, forced to relax and reflect on days I was on deck, Tryna get on base, tryna get respect, Somehow I lost my way, fell off with the pad, Then in my past were a couple lessons I couldn’t grasp, until I recognized, I was all vision, no grind, looking dumb, now, I’m working overtime, And overtime, I learned to live this life, And overtime, maybe I’ll get a few things right, Right now is all I have, living in the present, Gotta slow it down, or be gone in a second, Look around my room, see a few books and loose change, An old Polaroid, I should use it to fill up, Sometimes I wanna ask myself, Is this what you wanted, Think back when I was 18, Would I be disappointed, Now Momma can’t make me feel better, All I want is the real, Cause when you go all out, chance you flow all out, Back to sand cause the time aint still.
I’m a penny pinch now, stack my bread, so we’re fed, Maybe we’ll be rich one day, but until then, He told me, save a little for rain, don’t let it fall down on you, So, I’ll tell you the same, cause it can fall down real soon, He said, you’re privileged, son, this is a test, You got a job, boy, you are so blessed, God is good, so make sure that you tithe, It’s only 10 percent, and he gave you this life, I said, Dad, I know, but man, I work so hard, And aint it funny how the building fund, well, it always turns to cars, So, I’d rather give my money to someone who needs it, In other words, keep it, He told me, save a little for rain, don’t let it fall down on you, So, I’ll tell you the same, cause it can fall down real soon, He told me, save a little for rain, don’t let it fall down on you, You better put some away, don’t ball out too soon, I just got paid, I gotta get some new jeans, Gonna fill my tank and drive to New Orleans, Go down on Bourbon Street, yeah, it’s time to celebrate, Get a tuna steak and sip a little champagne, He said, don’t race your ride as soon as you get the keys, Cause many things you want are not what you need, I know you don’t wanna work when you are my age, So here’s a lesson from my page, You can shine so bright like the face of a diamond, But you look so hard, you can’t see the chains, You played your part, you say, look at what I’ve done, So you’re fortunate, but now you want some fame, Where everybody knows your fame, Oh, the fame.
A Mess 03:50
Are you just gonna say yes, cause he got down on one knee, Is he really the best, for you, Or are you gone confess that you cant stop seeing me, Or would that be a mess, for you, You just bought your dress, is it everything you’d dreamed, Or is this one a prep, for you, and me, I wonder, is this a test, if I’ll stand up on that day, And yell, I need your caress, don’t do it, no, Sometimes our minds don’t go every little place we wish they would, And somedays our hearts try to take over and we wish they could, But some people don’t know til the end, that they lost a true friend, That’s when they begin again, Would you just go and say no, cause I swear on my second rings, You press ignore on your phone, yeah, you do, Then when you are alone, you call me to meet your needs, But if you jump brooms, girl, I’m gone, I do, means I won’t, no more, We all have a perfect girl in our dreams, Might even meet the perfect girl on the scene, But what if the perfect girl doesn’t know what she needs, Well, maybe in a perfect world, it wouldn’t be a mess.
All I want is love, but I’m surrounded by this hate, And when I talk about this love, nobody can relate, But I love you my sister, yeah, I love you, my brother, And it don’t matter your sex, age, money, creed, and color, It’s love, Everybody wants love, but there’s so much hate, Cause when somebody talk peace, well, they’re out of place, I know now, all this war, could be over, let’s stop keeping score, We make up the human race, for this New Peace, we plead the case, To live now, Welcome to a world where your two cents don’t amount to nothin, Cause I’ve stared in the eyes of pure hate, and learned that war’s not the answer, Tired of patiently waiting for change, hope it comes tomorrow, I’d break my heart into a billion pieces, just to share my love with the world, Where we are living is in a place that we’ve all helped destroy, Let’s all understand the world’s plight, and try to all live in joy, Now, do this exercise, If somebody gives you love, then give it back, then pass it to the next in line, We swear that you’ll have enough cause when you give love, well, it multiplies, It’s funny how Peace makes more pieces for people you meet, Now, our thesis, I went searching for the truth and I came back with facts, You gotta live long and hard tryna understand that, See, I live for today, I aint promised tomorrow, I got a little time on earth and I know I can’t borrow, Another day, another hour, a minute, a second, So most of my disagreements are found in my reflection, I cannot beef with you if I’m tryna focus on me, So if we ever had a problem, I grilled it, my G, It’s Love.


A meeting of two uniquely abstract, yet smoothly mixed talents, Those Acoustic Kats bring a new dynamic to multiple genres at once. Ranging from soul/R&B, to alternative folk styling, there’s very little left unexplored from the pair from one track to the next. When combined with their direct acoustic approach, there’s a flare for a new, yet familiar, direction in every groove. Hailing from opposite corners of the state of Missouri, Erick Richardson & Erron Jay have travelled the country east to west, leaving their mark with an eclectic and crowd-involving live show. Richardson, a guitarist in the style of John Mayer, featuring a vocal formed directly from the Motown sound, guides the groove, while Jay is the force that drives it home with a powerful soul vocal and a unique bass groove guided by his Cajon play.

These elements combined have formed as inimitable of a sound as there is currently, as their backgrounds would suggest. Jay, who hails from Kansas City, Missouri, is a jack of all trades. Personality drives his talent and comes out in his boisterous lyrics and performance. An actor by trait, he provides a strong character to every song. Richardson, better known as eRich, combines expressive lyrics and rhythm guitar grooves into his own unique style titled “Soulful Folk”. He showcased this style to the world on his debut extended play offering the “Singing In The Shower EP”, which grew him a considerable following in his home town due to success of songs such as “Save A Little For Rain” and “Invitation to Love”.

However, their roots were not enough for either of the group. Their calling as performers pulled them out of the Midwest and to the Los Angeles, California area. Richardson, a graduate of the University of Missouri-Rolla, quit his full-time engineering job and moved west with little more than his equipment and a car to further his craft. Jay completed his time at The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and made the natural move west to more fruitful acting opportunities. Once both met up in the area, their natural chemistry combined and burst outwards, and what came of it was a diverse mix of the backgrounds of both. Soon they were playing small venues in LA, and began to create a buzz with the versatility and energy they put into their performance. Whether they were performing original songs or put new spins on well-known popular songs from all eras, their gravity became undeniable.

After establishing a strong foundation in LA, the duo turned its sights to the road and a traveling tour through the Midwest, playing venues in both their hometowns and Chicago amongst other locales. On the tour, they covered everything from originals written by Richardson, to Marvin Gaye standards, to Coldplay, all with nothing more than their voices, a guitar and the Cajon. It became clear, based on the reaction along the road; it was time to turn their combined effort into a studio project.

By channeling the creativity of their live act into a kamikaze studio effort, 2012’s “Bacon and Potassium”, Those Acoustic Kats are giving the world a chance to step into their zone, while still straddling within their own. And while there’s nothing quite like seeing and participating in the live experience, this is a more than suitable first step into spreading a bit of that joy to the world at large.

~ Matthew Whitener


released August 7, 2012

Copyright © 2012 Rich Music Records.
Manufactured and distributed by RMR, Inc.
All songs published by Erick Richardson (BMI) / Errón Jay (BMI) / LeHiram Music Publishing (ASCAP).
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Album art and design by Rude Boys, Inc.


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Those Acoustic Kats Los Angeles, California

Those Acoustic Kats = Erick Richardson + Erron Jay = Guys that love music & love sharing it!!!

Peace + Love + Music

Live This Life.


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